Single-user or Concurrent (License Server) license?

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Single-user or Concurrent (License Server) license?

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When purchasing licenses for CodonCode Aligner, you need to choose between either "single-user" licenses, or concurrent licenses that are managed by the Aligner License Server. This post explains when to use which type of license.

If you plan to use CodonCode Aligner on only a single computer (or, if purchasing multiple licenses, one computer per license), then a single-user license is the better choice. Single-user licenses are bound to a specific computer through a software license key.

If you would like to use one license for CodonCode Aligner on different computers, a concurrent license (also called License Server license or network license) is the way to go. A typical example is a lab where one license for CodonCode Aligner is shared by different lab members. You can do this by installing the Aligner License Server on one computer, and CodonCode Aligner on any number of computers (the "clients"). The clients can then "check out" a license from the Aligner License Server over the local network. The License Server limits the total number of concurrent users at any point in time to the number of licenses purchased - if you purchase one license, only one person can use it at any time.

The prices for single-user licenses are the same as the prices for licenses managed by the License Server.

To read more about the Aligner License Server, please visit and

To send you a license key after your purchase, please email us the following information:
  1. Whether you want a single-user license, or use the Aligner License Server.
  2. The computer ID for the license (two letters followed by 4 numbers):
    • For single-user licenses, we need the computer ID as reported by CodonCode Aligner. You can find it by starting CodonCode Aligner, then selecting "License..." from the help menu. For more details, read this.
    • For licenses managed by the Aligner License Server, we need the computer ID as reported by the Aligner License Server. The License Server shows the computer ID in the dialog it displays when first started.
  3. The operating system of the computer that you obtained the computer ID from.
The computer ID reported by the License Server may be different than the computer ID reported by CodonCode Aligner. When reporting a computer ID, please state which program the ID is from.
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